Chased by boos, Amy Winehouse cancels 2 tour dates

Chased by boos, Amy Winehouse cancels 2 tour dates

Amy Winehouse

(CNN) -- Amy Winehouse's attempt at a European concert tour ended in Belgrade, Serbia, with a train wreck of a performance Saturday night in which she staggered around the stage and stumbled through several songs.

The audience eventually chased Winehouse off the stage with loud boos several numbers into what was supposed to be the opening show in a 12-date tour.

A representative for Winehouse said her next two concert dates have been canceled.

Winehouse representative Tracey Miller did not directly confirm that the "Rehab" singer, who has a history of battling drugs and alcohol, had fallen off the wagon. Winehouse only recently left a British rehab program that a representative said was intended to prepare her for the European concerts.

"Yes, Amy has cancelled appearances in Istanbul and Athens for the coming week," Miller told CNN Sunday. "Despite feeling sure that she wanted to fulfill these commitments, she has agreed with management that she cannot perform to the best of her ability and will return home."

Video clips of the musical disaster, recorded by concert-goers' cell phone cameras, were quickly posted on YouTube. They showed Winehouse failing in every attempt to sing more than a few slurred lines of her songs. Audience members could be heard filling in the gaps, along with her back-up singers.

"She would like to apologize to fans expecting to see her at the shows but feels that this is the right thing to do," Miller said.

When Winehouse entered a rehab program at London's Priory Clinic last month, a representative told CNN that "she wants to be ready for performances in Europe this summer and decided to seek an assessment."

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Lady Gaga's album has steep drop in sales

Lady Gaga's album has steep drop in sales

Lady Gaga

After last week's strong sales debut, Lady Gaga's album "Born This Way" has seen a sharp decrease in sales.

The superstar's record sold more than a million copies in its first week, but for week two only 174,000 were sold, according to Billboard.

Of course, Lady Gaga's album was on sale for just 99 cents not once but twice after its May 23 release thanks to Amazon, which was offering "Born This Way" at the deep discount along with storage space for the Amazon cloud player service.

Billboard notes that because the promotion likely tacked on hundreds of thousands of units to Gaga's first week sales, the second week's drop-off seems to be at an even steeper decline than is normally expected.

At this rate, Billboard says, Adele - who has been suffering from laryngitis and had to cancel the remainder of her North American tour - could soon reclaim No. 1. The Brit singer's "21" is currently at the No. 2 spot, with 121,000 units sold.

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Miley Cyrus covers 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Miley Cyrus covers 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Miley Cyrus covers 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Miley Cyrus isn't done digging through the crates quite yet. Following her duet with Bret Michaels for her “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” cover, the former "Hannah Montana" star has tackled Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Cyrus, 18, performed the track during a concert in Ecuador last Friday. “I have a lot of fans come up and tell me that I inspire them and make them want to follow their dreams, and so for this tour I want to be able to do the music that inspired me and made me want to be here on this stage tonight,” she told the hyped audience.

“It’s hard being on the road because you miss your family back home,” she continued, “and this song is something I always sing with my little brother…so this song is also for him.”

And with that, the opening chords to the iconic track began and Cyrus launched into her rendition. Check the performance in the video below if you dare.

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Bret Michaels Sues CBS, Tony Awards Over 2009 Stage Accident

Bret Michaels Sues CBS, Tony Awards Over 2009 Stage Accident

In this June 7, 2009, file photo, Bret Michaels, right, and C.C. DeVille of the band Poison perform with the cast of "Rock of Ages" at the 63rd Annual Tony Awards in New York.

LOS ANGELES -- Bret Michaels sued CBS Broadcasting and the organizers of the Tony Awards on Friday over a 2009 mishap that resulted in him being hit in the head by a set piece, claiming the accident contributed to a brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him.

The Poison frontman's lawsuit claims he continues to deal with effects from the injury and brain bleeding that left him hospitalized last year.

"Through his sheer will to live, to see his children grow up, Michaels was able to survive this trauma," his lawsuit states.

Michaels and Poison performed at the Tony Awards in June 2009 and the singer suffered a busted lip and broken nose when he was whacked by a piece of scenery.

He claims show organizers never explained that the set would be changing after the band performed, "Nothin' But a Good Time." He also claims the show could have prevented the incident from airing, but chose not to.

Footage of the accident quickly became a viral hit on the Internet, and Michaels' lawsuit claims clips have been viewed more than 27 million times on YouTube.

Michaels was hospitalized in April 2010 and doctors found he had a brain hemorrhage and he later suffered a warning stroke, which the musician says nearly killed him.

"Michaels was never told that the scenery piece would be descending or given any warning of the existence of the dangers it presented," the lawsuit states.

CBS declined comment and has a policy not to respond to lawsuits outside of court.

Phone and e-mail messages left for spokespeople for the Tony Awards were not immediately returned Friday evening.

Within days of the accident, Michaels expressed dismay that Tony organizers hadn't shown more concern about the incident.

"The Tony Awards dropped a piece of the stage on Bret's head, and then instead of doing the right thing, joked about it and played it off for ratings," Michaels' attorney Alex Weingarten wrote in a statement.

He said Michaels tried to resolve the court without filing a case but was unsuccessful. "They must be held accountable for almost killing Bret, and that is what we are going to do," Weingarten wrote.

His lawsuit does not state how much he is seeking to recover, although it states the injury hurt his ability to perform at later shows.

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Folk music legend Pete Seeger praises Wisconsin effort against bill on collective bargaining

Folk music legend Pete Seeger praises Wisconsin effort against bill on collective bargaining

MADISON, Wis. - Folk music legend Pete Seeger, who has been singing about union rights since the 1940s, told The Associated Press on Friday he's pulling for the demonstrators in Wisconsin who want to stop a bill taking away collective bargaining rights from public workers.

"Maybe the Republican governor, he's done us a favour by bringing the problem to national attention," the 91-year-old Seeger said in a telephone interview from his New York home. "It shows the whole country how much we need unions. We may end up thanking him."

Gov. Scott Walker's proposal would remove the right of public workers to collectively bargain, except over salary increases no larger than the rate of inflation. Most police and firefighters are exempt. The bill is stalled in the Legislature after 14 Senate Democrats fled the state to prevent a vote.

Tens of thousands of people have marched in protest over the bill, including at two rallies that attracted around 70,000 people each. A song Seeger recorded with The Weavers, "Solidarity Forever," has been a standard among the Madison protesters for weeks. A group of about 50 protesters sang it as they left the Capitol on Thursday night following more than a two-week occupation.

Seeger, who's been singing since the Great Depression and released a record in 1942 titled "Talking Union," said he was following the issue in Wisconsin.

"Without collective bargaining rights we'd be right back to primitive times," Seeger said. "The average American, I think, looks upon unions as a standard way of doing business. Just like you pay rent, you pay taxes, you also get paid a decent wage because of unions. It's not because of the generosity of the employer."

Walker argues that taking away collective bargaining rights, along with forcing public workers to pay more for benefits, is needed to help Wisconsin balance a $3.6 billion budget shortfall. He says private workers have been making concessions for years in the recession so it's only fair for public workers to take a cut as well.

Unions have agreed to the benefit concessions as long as they retain their bargaining rights.

A Pew Research Center poll released Monday found 42 per cent of adults surveyed nationwide sided with the unions and 31 per cent sided with Walker. A New York Times-CBS poll this week indicated that Americans oppose efforts to weaken the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions by nearly a 2-1 margin.

Seeger, who has sung at thousands of rallies including one this week at a union hall near his home, said he is heartened by the number of people protesting in Madison.

"It shows me that Americans are still Americans," he said. "You don't become an American by saluting at the right time or singing the national anthem at the right time. You become an American by using the rights which the Constitution gave us."

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